Leading the way in transportation and logistics doesn’t happen by hiring just anyone. It happens by hiring driven people – like you.

Be your own boss, with the support of Trans-Frt McNamara behind you.

Owner Operators success and profitability plays a key role in Trans-Frt. McNamara’s growth. Hence, Trans-Frt McNamara is committed to assisting our owner operators in meeting the many challenges and obstacles facing them in today’s economy.

Trans-Frt. McNamara invests in the best equipment and the best people
We not only provide a stable and growing company with jobs for truck drivers, we have also implemented many programs and initiatives aimed at reducing our owner operators’ risk providing them with the support they need to be successful. These include highly competitive pay packages, a quality fuel program and other incentive programs which are all aimed at giving our owner operators what they need to be the most successful among all the trucking jobs in Canada.

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New Owner Operators
Receive Your First Four Grease Jobs

Benefits of Partnering with Trans-Frt. McNamara

  • $1.31/mile

    Paid on all miles

  • $100.00

    New York City premium pay

  • $50.00

    Per hour for local cartage work

  • $35.00

    Per additional stop, excluding initial pickup and final delivery

  • $18.00

    Trailer Switch

  • $100.00

    Layover fee

  • $25.00

    Waiting time

  • $/mile

    Fuel Surcharge paid by the mile

  • Bi-Weekly Settlement

    with direct deposit

  • Tractor Decaling

    provided by us

  • Satellite

    installation and fees provided

  • Fuel Cards

    provided in addition to paid tolls and bridges

  • Reduced Labour Rate

    and part discount from our in-house shop